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Tawabu Mineral Resource (TMR) is a coal mining company, operated in East Kalimantan, which is a half Indonesia’s coal reserves located in this province. TMR was established in 2007, yet was started to operate in 2017 and first shipment in 2020.

The total acreage of TMR concession is 6.205 hectares and separated on 2 blocks, namely, North Block and South West Block. North Block has a total resources of 29 millon MT with mineable reserves of 7 million MT. While South Block is going on exploration and based on latest data, it is estimated to have coal resources of more than 25 million tons.

Why TMR Coal

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Experts Team

TMR is managed by mining experts who have long experience, skill and credibility in Coal Mining. Most of TMR’s employees have been trained and experienced in coal mining industry throughout Indonesia.

Vast Infrastructure

TMR is using Bayan Resources Port Infrastructure, located at Lubuk Tutung, on the east coast of Kalimantan to open sea of Makassar Strait which has outstanding credibility throughout south-east Asian coal terminal.

High Quality & Mass Production

Besides we have a large scale production rate, we also have selectively chosen our location that produce great quality coal specification.


We have selectively chosen our location that produce great quality coal specification

Colorific Value

4700 – 5000 % ar

Total Moisture

28 – 33 % ar

Inherent Moisture

17 – 21 % adb

Ash Content

Max 5% adb

Volatile Meter

34 – 37 % adb

Fixed Carbon

38 – 41% adb

Total Sulphur

Max 1% adb


42 – 46 % adb

Another Advantage

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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR has a very major role in the company’s belief in sustainability principle (people, planet, and profit) reflected in all of the activities that TMR is currently operating. TMR CSR initiatives/programs focus on 4 main aspects that convey the company’s commitment to the principle of sustainability. Firstly, the main concern of TMR is to help and support the society that is being exposed to various types of smaller scale business enterprises (TMR) that are best suited for the surrounding communities creating opportunities for them to grow.

Also, collaborating with government and non-profit organization is tailored to reflect the company’s effort in creating healthier communities. At the same time, TMR’s main concern is the education of children that are unale to afford it which is fundamental for the well being of generations to come.


It has become TMR’s principle that TMR always stay true and reliable in becoming a responsible coal mining company by continuously evaluating all of the company’s activities to be as environmentally conscientious as possible. The achievement of TMR environmental efforts is the result of the high level of compliance and also the reflections of the company’s commitment to preserve the surrounding ecosystem for the future.

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